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It’s not just who you know, it’s who they know. Build deep industry relationships with the most connected professionals across the nation.


Demonstrate your company’s commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, ability to stay up to speed on changing codes, safety practices and material selections currently offered in the industry.


Access to resources that focus on improving operations and increasing profitability aimed at making you a better contractor.


Access to hundreds of safety topics and training videos to educate employees on how to run a safe and efficient job site.


Access to our savings programs that are designed to reduce costs and increase profitability savings on operation expenses such as gasoline, mobile cellular service, payroll, and human resources.


Resources and employee training to comply with OSHA’s requirements.


The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is the national trade association representing mason contractors.

The MCAA is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials.

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MCAA Media Kit 2023

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is the national trade association representing masonry business owners. For over 70 years, the MCAA has dedicated its resources to supporting and informing the masonry industry.

Masonry Strong

Masonry is beneficial in many ways, and MASONRY STRONG's resources show that the material is more resilient and efficient overall. With guaranteed resiliency and efficiency, masonry creates a building resistant to common disasters and gets completed in...

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