Justin X Breithaupt

These days most folks will recognize Justin as the founder and developer of Non-Stop Scaffolding. No surprise there, as both the product and company have been very successful.

But I first met Justin long before that scaffolding was developed. Back then he was a successful masonry contractor, and we were both active in the Mason Contractors Association of America. To me, Justin was a fooler. With a German name like Breithaupt, he sure could have come from my city, Milwaukee, or even Saint Louis. But his self-described North Louisiana accent and style sure would not have fit. Like I say, he was a fooler. Justin was bright, and sharp as a tack. He was totally dedicated to masonry, and he was obsessed with making it more efficient.Back in those days, self elevating scaffolding was not unheard of. But the main tower scaffolding product available back then had issues. It swayed in the breeze.

Bricklayers needed ‘sea legs’ to work on it. Some would not work on it. Justin’s alternative was well thought out, simple, sturdy and far more stable. How good was it? Well, the existing tower product it replaced is no more. And look how many companies are making and selling scaffolding that is nothing but a ‘badge change copy’ of Justin’s product.

Well, they say such competitive copies, are in fact the strongest form of compliment. Self elevating scaffolding was not the only innovation Justin tinkered with. He was also coming up with new ideas like variations on “speed pole’ lead systems, hand tool upgrades, and so on. In his early NON-STOP days, he would call on masonry contractors to sell his scaffolding, and he always had some new masonry gimmick along with him. In that North Louisiana accent he would look you in the eye and say, “Here! Give this little thing a try.” Justin Breithaupt Sr. has left his finger prints on the masonry industry, and he certainly deserves to be considered as a nominee for the Masonry Hall of Fame.

Born into a family of masons. Started his own masonry company after college in 1954 at the age of 24. Got fed up with scaffolding choices and invented his own. Founder and developer of Non-Stop Scaffolding in 1975. Totally dedicated to masonry, and obsessed with making it more efficient. Innovator of self-elevating scaffolding, ‘speed pole’ lead systems, hand tool upgrades, and more. Active member of the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) since the 1960s. Left his finger prints on the masonry industry.


Non-Stop Scaffolding

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Non-Stop Scaffolding was the brainchild of Justin Breithaupt, a successful masonry contractor. He started Non-Stop in 1975 when his new scaffolding invention caught the eye of other contractors.

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