Angelo F Tedesco II Sr

Angelo Sr. was born on November 13, 1936 in San Martino, Avellino, Italy. He is the oldest of six children and was the last of his family to arrive in the USA on July 4, 1958.

He has dedicated his life toward the masonry industry since his late twenties and has impacted the growth of masonry in the northeast by his leadership both within and outside of the trade.

Upon arrival in America, speaking and understanding none to very little English, his first job was at a restaurant in Killington, Vt., the largest ski area in the Eastern United States. Thirty-nine years later, he was the president of his own successful masonry company that was constructing the single largest masonry project, that same Killington ski area had ever built, at the Killington Grande Hotel & Conference Center incorporating cmu, stone, fireplaces, precast and granite. His company has continued to perform additional masonry work there over the years and has completed projects there as recently as June of 2017.

During his early years in America, he developed his understanding of the English language and made long lasting contacts and relationships at the Vermont Railroad company based in Proctor VT from 1959 to 1961 and then at the Howe Scale Company at the Foundry Plant in Rutland, Vt. from 1961 to 1962.

He was married on April 28, 1962 to Anna Lena. The honeymoon was short as he was drafted in October of 1962. He was in the US Army until 1964, stationed for many months in Greenland. In April 2019, they will celebrate 57 years of marriage together.

Upon returning to America from Greenland, he worked at Callahan Machinery in Proctor, Vt. from 1964 to 1966. He would return to Proctor, Vt. in 2002 as the masonry contractor for the national award winning (by the Natural Stone Institute and the Marble Institute of America), extensive Proctor Marble Bridge Rehabilitation project, as listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally built in 1915, this historical project featured extensive replacement of all the marble spandrels and balustrades across the 170 feet span that is 36 feet above the Otter Creek. A total of 528 pieces were installed, totaling over 1,500 sq. ft. of marble.

During the mid 60s, was the time when Angelo would begin his masonry career, quickly learning and progressing his way up through the ranks working for masonry companies that had available work. The first company he joined was in Burlington, Vt. from 1966 to 1969, where he completed his training as a mason. He was also a member of the National Guard during this time from 1964 to 1969. From 1970 to 1977, he would then work for a company in Clifton Park, N.Y. Keep in mind that each company’s location required a two-hour drive commute, each way, to the job sites.

Angelo Sr. never let his persistent learning of the English language or the closed mindedness of other people against foreigners, inhibit him from continued growth and advancement in the masonry industry and in the fulfillment of life. He and Anna Lena would also begin a family during these early years. As a team, they would eventually raise 4 children, one daughter and three sons.

In 1977, Angelo decided to stay closer to home and work in Vermont. The union was in decline in Vermont, so he began doing chimneys and stonework for the people he met and the lasting contacts he made along the way, at the other non-masonry companies he previously worked for. He began to take on more intricate work and developed a passion for masonry, honing his craft while gaining valuable experience with all types of masonry materials and concrete. He also began investing in more employees, constantly training and teaching others that were interested in learning the proper skills of the masonry trade. When they were available, he still helped out some of his past masonry employers on some of their larger masonry projects.

In May of 1988, Angelo Tedesco Inc. was officially incorporated. The business grew steadily over the years through quality workmanship and by word of mouth referrals from pleased customers, business owners and general contractors.

These traits are still active today, as his business has evolved into A. Tedesco Masonry. Family has always played a huge role in the success of the company and all four of his children are currently active and involved with the masonry business and the advancement of the masonry trade. Through his years of continued learning and dedication to the craft, A. Tedesco Masonry has developed a strong reputation for quality and efficiency and is currently one of the largest masonry contractors in central/southern Vermont while also completing work in N.Y., N.H. and Mass.

The current masonry industry in the state of Vermont can be very grateful for the major impact Angelo Sr. has had on the development and knowledge he has accomplished and extensively shared with others in the trade since the early eighties. Towards the end of his career, he had also consulted on many historical masonry projects and renovations. If a masonry project was extremely difficult or unpopular, Angelo Sr. was usually contacted to get involved in one-way or another, either as a mason contractor or a consultant and many times, both.

Angelo Sr. has also taken the time over the years to introduce local high school students, with technical aspirations, to the masonry trade. He has invited these students on project sites, in order to give them a first hand look and feel of a real masonry jobsite and give them a try at laying a brick or two. He has donated his time to brick chimney builds with these same students over the years, on homes the technical center students have constructed. He has also donated labor and materials to the exterior faces of Habitat for Humanity projects in order to promote the value and materials of masonry.

Angelo Sr. has been an active member of St. Peter Catholic Church and the Italian-American Club, where he has been a bocce player for more than a few decades and a captain of the Old Timers bocce team for the past dozen years. He has been an active supporter of many local community events and A. Tedesco Masonry has sponsored numerous schools, athletic events, clubs, teams and churches ranging from donations, to equipment use, to sponsoring youth soccer programs with thousands of masonry t-shirts being given out over the years.

A. Tedesco Masonry has been a member of the MCAA for 21 years, joining in 1997. The company, under Angelo Sr.’s leadership, has always promoted masonry, as well as, safe job sites and development. His eldest son, Angelo II, has learned under his guidance since he was on the job sites since the age of 13. Angelo Sr. has helped mentor and develop well over 50 masons and mason tenders throughout his time in the trade. He has always made it a point to help general contractors and other subs, to complete projects on time with profitability.

The MCAA has been a great partner with Angelo Sr. in the promotion of the masonry industry and the development of the future workforce. With the MCAA resources and conventions, the company has always promoted industry awareness. It has always been one of the first companies in Vermont to utilize masonry innovations and new products and procedures along the way including crank up staging, to mast climbers, to grout hogs and mixers with silos. Each year employees are participating in MCAA sponsored meetings, events, auctions and education.

Angelo Sr. has dedicated his life to building his family and the masonry trade through grit, never being afraid to try something new, through development and learning and through honorable values as a husband, a father, a business owner and as a leader of the masonry trade both on and off the job sites.

Born in Italy and coming to America as a late teen, he started his masonry career
in the mid-1960s. Incorporated Angelo Tedesco, Inc. in 1988. Had a major impact on the masonry industry in the state of Vermont. Passionate about workforce development, introducing local students to the masonry trade and teaching the proper skills of the trade to anyone interested in learning. Has donated labor and materials to many local charitable projects in order to promote the value and materials of masonry. Always willing to share his knowledge with others and has consulted on a many historical projects. A true advocate for the professional development of the masonry trade and its craftsmanship. Always promoted technical advancement of masons and tenders in a wide variety of materials and innovative equipment. Dedicated his life to the masonry industry and has supported the MCAA since 1998.


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A. Tedesco Masonry is a full service masonry firm established in 1967. Our firm is family owned and operated with specialized, safe teams in commercial, residential, and historical masonry projects incorporating brick, cmu, marble, granite, slate, glass block, pavers, precast, and all types of stone materials etc. We also offer masonry consulting/design and concrete services.

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