Internal and External Wall Bracing Course 12.6.2022

Todd Dailey Jerry Painter 
Discipline: General
Credits: 4.0
Part 1

The Masonry Wall Bracing Seminar has been developed to provide contractors with the know-how to confidently design and construct bracing for a variety of common masonry structures. This is an opportunity to save your company money by designing your own wall bracing rather than paying a structural engineer.

Part 2

Todd Dailey, P.E., President, Dailey Engineering Inc., will present "The Practical Design of Temporary Masonry Wall Bracing." He will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of temporary bracing systems for masonry walls under construction:

1. Externally Braced

2. Internally Braced - Unreinforced

3. Internally Braced- Reinforced.

Instruction and design aids will be provided so masons can quickly perform bracing designs for each system.

This course is intended to teach project managers, safety managers, foremen, and any other responsible person to understand and implement the OSHA regulation on wall bracing, and the Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls. Completion of this course will allow your people to safely and efficiently design adequate masonry wall bracing. Why pay an engineer for a design that you can do yourself?