Calvin B Brodie

Mr. Brodie is the founder and president of Brodie Contractors in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has, and continues to be, a major figure and influencer in the masonry community both in the Carolinas and across the country. Mr. Brodie will make a worthy addition to the honor roll of Hall of Fame members.

Through the years, Calvin has used the resources of his company to help with the building of the current Bunn High School (BHS) football field complex, BHS baseball field wall, and Bunn Elementary School concession stand for the recreation league. In 2019, he was inducted into the Bunn High School Hall of Fame. He has employed many young men, given advice and opportunities, paid tuition to truck driving school, and college tuition to deserving young people with only one request, “go make us proud!”

Calvin became a member of the Raleigh Chapter of the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association in 1985, serving as the Chapter President in 1990. He then served as the State Vice President, Regional Vice President, State Secretary-Treasurer, and the NCMCA President 1993-1995.

Calvin has been recognized by Engineer News and Record, Masonry, and Black Enterprise magazines. In 2021, and in other years, BCI was ranked “First” by number of employees on the list of minority-owned businesses in the Triangle area by The Triangle Business Journal. In 2022, in Business North Carolina magazine, BCI was among the 25 excelling minority-owned companies in the state.

He has Co-Chaired the Annual masonry Apprenticeship Skills Contest at the NC State Fair for more than 35 years and has sponsored many top journeymen masons as apprentice participants.

Calvin was among the first to earn Certified Masonry Executive (CME) status in the NCMCA Masonry Contractor Certification Program. BCI was among the first firms to become a Certificate Masonry Contractor in the NCMCA Certification Program. He is a member of the National Masonry Instructors Associations Hall of Fame.

In his spare time, Calvin enjoyed caring for his cows, chickens, hunting, a collection of deer, elk, and duck displays, ocean fishing, bike riding, watching sports, traveling to an NFL Dallas Cowboys game, and playing golf — which now that he is slowly slowing down working in the business, he plays frequently. But his most favorite time of golfing is the annual “Murdell” golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with about forty of his closest friends in the business. They are his competitors and colleagues, but more importantly, his friends.

With many testaments to his accomplishments, Calvin Brodie is a true success in both business and in life. Despite the unfair challenges that minority people encounter in most any endeavor, he has earned admiration and genuine respect from his peers, competitors, and customers. And he’s done it as a minority businessman always intent on rising about societal challenges, holding no one responsible for his success or failure except for himself. Calvin is a valuable and trusted person; he is a gentleman’s gentleman. Calvin Brodie exemplifies what the Mason Contractors Association of America’s Masonry Hall of Fame is all about.


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We are a general contracting company that specializes in commercial masonry construction. What began as a humble business venture of two local masons has grown into a corporation of over 250 masons, laborers, engineers, and managers. As a leading masonry company in North Carolina, we work day-by-day to be considered the best in the field of masonry contracting.

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