Gary H Joyner

Gary grew up in Goldsboro, North Carolina with his brother who was 6 years older. In Gary’s teen years he achieved the Rank of “Eagle Scout,” also earning the “God and Country Award” and belonged to the “Order of the Arrow”. Gary now holds the NCMCA Certified Masonry Contractor Certificate and the NCMCA Certified Masonry Executive Certificate.

In 1971 Gary entered East Carolina University majoring in Industrial Arts with the intention of becoming a Wood-Shop Teacher. During his college years Gary took a sabbatical and answered a help wanted ad in the paper to become a Wheelbarrow Operator for a residential masonry contractor. He said he was plenty qualified and was good at it. After a few years Gary had gone back to college and decided that a Wood-Shop teacher would be too confining, so he went to work for a construction company as their Masonry Division Manager (Gary and his Laborer).

In 1978 Gary founded Joyner Masonry Works, Inc. primarily performing Residential Masonry construction. In 1981 Gary became involved with the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association. That was the beginning of many changes for Gary and Joyner Masonry Works, Inc. as the move from Residential to Commercial Masonry Construction. Gary said that becoming involved in the NCMCA was the single most important experience and the turning point in his career. The knowledge he gained from the association with other mason contractors from around the State was immeasurable. In 1987 Gary was elected President of NCMCA and his involvement went through the roof. Gary was instrumental in developing the NCMCA Certification Program and served on the first Governing Board.

Gary regularly serves as a judge for various high school, Skills USA, and apprentice masonry contests. He is a strong advocate, recruiter and promoter of NCMCA’s Masonry Contractor Certification Program. Gary has been a presenter at events for the National High School Masonry Instructors Association, the Brick Industry Association Annual Brick Forum and other regional and national masonry promotional groups.

As the neighboring states South Carolina and Virginia have worked to develop and strengthen their own masonry contractor associations and recruitment and workforce development efforts. Gary has generously volunteered his time consulting with those state’s leaders offering his expertise and experience. In 1997 Gary was among the group that decided to make the bold move to open a fulltime NCMCA office with a full-time executive manager. In 2012 Gary was the first person to be elected to a 2nd term as the NCMCA President. As Gary continued his involvement with the NCMCA. Gary was a very important and influential person who helped NCMCA take the next big step by creating a full-time staff position for Workforce Development and Training Coordinator and helped spearhead the search to hire Ryan Shaver to fill that position. This has been a long-sought after goal that has now been successfully accomplished.

Gary remains very involved with the NCMCA but has now turned all that extra energy towards the MCAA. Gary has served on several National Committees and has been very active with the Legislative Committee, traveling to Washington DC to meet with Congressman and Senators about Issues that affect our industry. Gary continues to serve as the Regional Vice President for Region B of MCAA. When the Masonry Foundation was formed Gary became very active in finding and acquiring many large donations for the foundation and has been responsible for a substantial portion of the funds raised to date. Gary now also serves as the Chairman of the foundation and continues to push to get those final dollars we need to meet our goal.

On a personal note, Gary married Shelly in 1974 and they have 2 sons and 4 grandkids. Gary is very proud to tell you that Chris their oldest son is now President of Joyner Masonry Works, Inc and he also holds an NCMCA Masonry Executive Certificate, and their youngest son Nathan is a Doctor.


Joyner Masonry Works, Inc.

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Joyner Masonry Works, Inc. is a lump sum commercial and industrial masonry contractor that has been in business since 1978. Our projects range in value from $25,000 to $6,000,000 in bid and negotiated work. Whether it is working with the client during pre-construction or in the field to complete the project It is our goal to not only meet but exceed expectations in everything we do.

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