Damian Q Lang

Damian grew up in the small rural community of Waterford, OH. He resides there today, close to his childhood home. Not only is he a great contributor to the masonry industry, he has an undying dedication to his workforce, family, and community. His impact on the local economic development is immeasurable.

He began as a laborer, mixing and carrying mortar to the bricklayers. In 1984, after borrowing $800 to buy his first pickup truck, he started his own masonry company focusing on residential basements and brick houses. In the early days, he used 55 gallon drums for scaffolding and pine boards for scaffolding plank. After years of experience in owning and operating a successful business with the masonry industry, Damian drew on this jobsite experience to create Grout Hog® and Mud Hog® products which are now being used by masons throughout the United States and around the world. EZ Grout Corporation was founded in 1998 as a sister company to LMC to provide ergonomic and laborsaving equipment to the masonry industry. These products have literally transformed the Masonry industry in how mortar is mixed and grout is delivered into block walls. Damian has also provided insight, products and education on wall bracing systems in contributing to the standards and developing the Hog Leg® products.

From the inception of his first company, Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors, safety, quality and customer service has been the founding strength of his success. Damian paves the way for the masonry industry by constantly staying in tune with current issues in the industry and being at the front of solving problems not only for his company leaders and workforce but all masonry companies who need advice on day to day operations. He has contributed to Masonry Magazine for a number of years in writing a Contractor Tip of the Month article that reaches thousands of readers. Today, Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors is a multi-million dollar company.

Beyond his mechanical innovations, Lang realized early on in his career that the greatest resource in his masonry business was the workforce. He set out to develop a program that would motivate his employees without sacrificing safety, quality, and production. Damian has written a book, Rewarding and Challenging Employees: For Profit in Masonry, published in 2003, which serves as a model and guide for other businesses. Without a doubt, he is a true industry leader.

Damian is an active member of MCAA, AGC, ABC, Ohio Masonry Association, BX of Central Ohio and other local organizations in Washington County, OH. He is a true advocate for constant professional development and enjoys participating in several peer groups and Vistage. He enjoys golfing and hunting excursions with family, colleagues, and customers alike.

Began career as a laborer. Started Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. in 1984. Drew on his jobsite experience to create Grout Hog® and Mud Hog® products. Founded EZ Grout Corporation in 1998. Provided insight, products and education on wall bracing systems in contributing to the standards. Has contributed to industry publications for a number of years in writing a “Contractor Tip of the Month” article. Wrote “Rewarding and Challenging Employees: For Profit in Masonry,” published in 2003. An active member of MCAA, AGC, ABC, Ohio Masonry Association, BX of Central Ohio and other local organizations. A true advocate for professional development and the masonry industry.


Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors, Inc.

Employee 1980-2030

405 Watertown Rd
Waterford, Ohio 45786-5248 US

Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc., a thriving masonry contracting business in south eastern Ohio, began over 30 years ago with entrepreneur Damian Lang. One amazing attribute at Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. is that many of the employees on the original crew are still with the company today in various leadership roles. Through high productivity standards and the dedication of the employees, the business has grown into one of the top mason contracting businesses in the nation. Focusing now on commercial and industrial projects, Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. continues to concentrate on the basics that got them where they are – Safety, Quality, and Production.

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Hall of Fame 2018-2018

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