Paul V Odom

No one can ever say that Paul Odom sits on his hands. He has always worked hard.

Through high school shop class, he became skilled and interested in carpentry and in 1976 started attending Tarleton State University with the goal of becoming a shop teacher. Although he still loves carpentry and it is still a hobby for him today, he wanted more and chose a different career path and went to work for Lee Masonry, a local masonry contractor in Hamilton, Texas in 1979. It was here that he started at the bottom as a laborer and quickly was put into the apprenticeship program through the union. However, it was the masons he worked with as a laborer starting out that instilled the foundation of pride in your work and giving it your all every day that Paul still carries with him today. It was also these masons that Paul worked with that mentored him and ignited the passion for masonry to lead him to where he stands today. In 1980, he married Susie and, together, the two started saving from side projects that Paul did on the weekends around Central Texas, planning to one day start their own company. After completing his apprenticeship, and working as a mason, he quickly moved up in the company, becoming an estimator in 1983. In 1986, he went to work with Nelms Masonry, where he was a foreman for a brief time.

In May 1987, Paul and Susie officially started P and S Masonry with their first big project at Fort Hood, Texas. Paul ran the projects with Susie managing the office and finances. Together, they grew the company into a business with a reputation for quality and safety across Central Texas. They prided themselves with having the best team members and the company's slogan ran true: "Our employees make the difference". With their amazing team, P and S Masonry has left a lasting mark throughout the state, building many of the masonry projects at Fort Hood, the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, and public schools across central Texas. In June 2014, P and S Masonry partnered with Brazos Masonry to create the joint-venture, Legacy Masonry, where he and Susie are still active today.

Early on, Paul joined the MCAA and Texas Masonry Council (TMC), always finding benefit from attending meetings and educational events. He believed that you should never stop learning and the networking he did with contractors across the state and nation always drove him to think outside the box and try to find the most efficient ways for his crews to be productive, whether by additional training, technology, or equipment.

Paul was one of the founding members of the Central Texas Masonry Contractors Association (CTMCA). He has served on numerous boards and committees for CTMCA, TMC, and MCAA throughout his 40 plus years in the industry. He has served multiple terms as president of both CTMCA and the TMC. He has always been a passionate and active member in the legislative and workforce development committees at both the state and local associations. Paul and Susie have attended the MCAA Legislative Conference and the Texas Subcontractor Association Walk on the Capitol throughout the decades to advocate for subcontractors both in Texas and across the nation. He still participates in TMC's Masonry Days, a program designed to help promote masonry to future architects across the state. In 2010, Paul completed all the necessary education requirements and passed the test to become among the first of the nationally certified MCAA mason contractors in Texas.

In 2012, he became part of the executive board for MCAA, climbing through the different offices to serve as chairman in 2018 and 2019. He and Susie traveled the country attending MCAA, NCMA, and regional masonry association meetings during his time as vice chair and chairman. Through the years, they have built bonds and made many lifelong friendships. They have been long-time advocates that contractors can gain much from being active members of their local, state, and national masonry associations. They know that the MCAA slogan "Together, We are stronger" is true.

Beyond his professional life in the industry, he's remained a dedicated husband, father to 3 kids, and "YaYa" to 5 grandchildren. A true family businessman, he continues to work with Susie in the masonry business, while his daughter, Liz, and son-in-law, Brian run Spec Rents, an equipment company specializing in Hydro Mobile and EZG Manufacturing across the state of Texas.

In addition to his dedication to the masonry industry over the last 40 years, he has also been an active member of his community, serving as an elder to his church and a board member of Hamilton ISD, where he was part of the team that built the Hamilton High School in 2001. Local projects such as the concession stands, town signs, and recreational facilities around town were built through P and S Masonry's apprentice program which benefited the local community. Most know Paul to be a kind, sharing, and funny man, who has been a great role model to many both professionally and personally. He always believes that "it's always right to do the right thing," even when it's not the easy, most profitable, or the popular thing to do.

Although Paul doesn't get on the wall with his trowel as much as he'd probably like these days, he still refers to himself as an "artistic manipulator of the burnt clay product" and one of his favorite things to do is to help individuals learn the art of masonry. A mentor, friend, leader, and masonry resource to so many, he has been a positive influence and great role model throughout the state and nation for the masonry industry and well deserving of a nomination to the Masonry Hall of Fame.

Paul began as a mason laborer in 1979 and eventually became a mason or what he calls "an artistic manipulator of a burnt clay product." In May 1987 he started P and S Masonry, Inc. with his wife, Susie. He was a founding member of the Central Texas Masonry Contractors Association and has served multiple terms as president of both the CTMCA and Texas Masonry Council. He has been active in numerous committees at local, state, and national associations.

He served on the MCAA board from 2011-2019 and as Chairman from 2018-2019. He was awarded the C. DeWitt Brown Leadman Award in 2021. Paul's hard work and ability to bring people together has helped lay the foundation to keep the masonry industry strong for generations of masons to come.Masonry Hall of Fame 2021 Presented By: SOLA


P and S Masonry, Inc.

Employee 1980-2030

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Paul Odom is currently associated with one company, according to public records. The company was incorporated in Texas twenty-five years ago.

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